Specifications and parts


Originaly I started with scattered images and pages that originated from the manuals that Renault included with the delivery of the vehicle an sales - instruction brochures. Along came numerous e-mails from Jacques Mortier, who took the time to scan the pages from his original booklets. (many thanks!)

Manuals available so far:
AHS radio box - source wehrmacht AHS  - source Renault AHS  - source Renault AHN  - source Renault AHR  - source Renault
German wehrmacht 1944 repair truck manual (in German) Renault user manual AHS 2 November 1941 (in French) Renault user manual AHS 3-4 June 1947 (in French) Renault user manual AHN 2-3 December 1946 (in French) Renault user manual AHR1 September 1944 (in French)          

(Send me an e-mail and I'll send you a copy)


ahn_int_manual-cab-r - source unknown ahn_l_cab-detail-dooropen-manual - source unknown ahn_int_manual-engine-right - source unknown ahn_l_manual-engine-left - source unknown ahn_manual-engine-cut-trough - source unknown ahn_manual-engine-right - source unknown ahn_int_cab-drivers-side-manual - source unknown ahr_l-int_manual1 - source unknown ahn_int_manual-dash - source unknown ahr_int_manual-dash - source unknown
ahn_int_manual-rear-wheel-cut - source unknown ahn_int_manuak-axle-cut - source unknown ahn_lb_manual-rear-wheel - source unknown ahn_manual-rear-axle-chassis - source unknown ahn_int_manual-chassis-forward - source unknown ahn_manual-left-det-chassis - source unknown ahn_rf_manual-chassis-frontwheel-contruction - source unknown ahn_lt_manual-chassis - source unknown ahn_t_manual-breaks - source unknown ahn_t_draw-manual-chassis-brakes - source unknown


ahs-chassis-manual - source unknown ahn-manual-grease-plan - source unknown
  the greaseplan from the AHS manual                

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