Radio equipment

The high standard and growth of German electrical engineering in the nineteen thirties was a big part in the German success in the first part of the war. It was also a big step in evolving radio equipment into the mighty weapon that it is in a modern war. Radio frequency waves became an integral part of almost all weaponry.

Russian, U.S. and British electronic equipment of the WWII era have a rather commercial character. The design of communication equipment of those armies resembles civilian radio sets of thirty's. Technicians from Telefunken and Lorenz designed their equipment to high standards. The wide range of German equipment is remarkable for its precision, special base of electronic components, new technologies and perfect ergonomy. For this reason German radio equipment from the WWII period is much sought after for their uniqueness.


A compilation of claimed characteristics in all kinds of publications.
51027.200-33.0002 m starthe standard tank-unit radio
72042.100-47.8002 meter star50 km range
8b30580-30008m rod
10a30950-1670frame/8m rod
10b30100-6970frame/8m rod
11a100200-1200frame/9m rod
11b100100-6970frame/9m rod
12a801120-30002m star
12b80835-30002m star
FuSpr F??1.4 to 2m star(standard in a 251)

Some extracts from a extensive radio document

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