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Januari 22th 2009
- The page on the American project, the 251 /1 /D with Calliope has been revised. Pictures, drawings and illustrations added.
- Most important: original pictures and a piece of it's early history where found on the Austin rivited 251 by Mr. Richard Gruetzner. As always new ridles emerge.

Januari 8th 2009
- The Schöller & Beckman factory got it's own page with also period production pictures.
- Again pictures of the Banja Luka 251 /22 / D with good and less good news.
- The Maybach got his picture added in the engine page.
- Again pictures of the Copenhagen 251 /1 and nem info.

December 2008
- The 1936 prototype Pak-wagon got a better picture.
- A report from Torben Nielson on the history and whereabouts of the Danish surviver.
- The surving 251 /22 / D has been correctly placed in Banja Luka, Serbia. A 2008 photo turned up.
- The 251 /22 page has a brand new picture and new info.

November 2008
- The first vehicle section overhaul, the /22, dominates this update. See the 251 /22 page, and the Yugoslavia surving 251 /22 / D.
- Period pictures completed
- illustrations document added.
- Icons all versions
- Picture added in the 1935 prototype PAK wagon

October 2008
Details added and new kick of. After 7 years I finally converted all old material to a new form to replace the old geocities website. It's a start only!
This website though was the start of all my Internet activities. Somewhere in 1995 I was trying to make sense of photo captions and data in a couple of books. Nothing fitted and I found more holes than information. The pile of books grew and had contradicting and complementary information. Great! That does not work.... I decided to make an extract and was allowed to put it in a vacant space behind my employers website. The response to it was overwhelming. At first I got more additional questions than information, but puzzling together information with many people evolved into the combination of good information and many facts.

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