SdKfz 251/1/D at Banska Bystrica

251/1/D at Prague


The picture is taken in the Slovak Republic (part of the former Czechoslovakia) in the city called Banska Bystrica. (one of the largest cities in the country) the heart of uprising against the Germans in August 1944. The Slovaks fought most of the time on the side of the Germans up to that month. Part of the Slovak army organized the uprising which was finally crushed by the Germans (after over 2 months of bitter fighting).

In order to commemorate that event communist government built a fairly huge museum of the so called Slovak National Uprising in Banska Bystrica. It includes an open air exhibition of some Russian WW II cargo plane's, an armored train, many guns of mostly Russian origin and German items:
A STUG III - later version with cast mantlet, PZ IV, SD KFZ 250 and 251 /D.
Both AFV´s have the roof closed by a metal sheet but look overall quite good from the outside. The 251 seems more or less correctly painted in 1943 colors. The 250 - older version - has some light grey overspray that is questionable.

The 250 is original.
The 251 is probably a re-germanised ex-Czech army vehicle. If it is a post or pre 1945 is uncertain. It was not easy to get details about the vehicles in the museum in 1999. The Germans were still seen as the aggressor...

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