SdKfz 251/8/C/riveted, at Bovington

Bovington 251 /8 /C
Front view unrestored

Bovington 251/1/C
John Morrison sends this picture January 1999 of the unrestored interior

Bovington 251/1/C rear view
Rear view early '90-s shows work on the interior. (parts missing)


Its a early production riveted /c version. It was a /8 (ambulance). It is reportedly a field-conversion. (251/1 to 251/8).


It was captured by British forces in the desert. There are many pictures of it over its museum years.
One of the pictures taken after its capture shows a barrel strapped to its right exterior. In the collection since the capture. Dry-stored ever since. The riveting-pattern differs from the ex-Aberdeen vehicle in Austin. Who can tell more ? (which units etc. Where did the rear doors go, etc). It has been cosmetically restored in the mean time it was repainted overall in and out. (thanks for the information John!)


It lacks its rear doors and most of its interior. The museum has put dummies in it. It can be viewed from al sides.

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