SdKfz 251 /22 /D in Banja Luka, Republka Srpska, (Republic of Serbia)

In 1999 out of the blue 2 pictures turned up. Bob Fleming publishes them in the magazine "Military Machines International". A genuine 251 /22 with 2 piece engine hatches. See also the 251 /22 page. The country's war wounds are stil healing, so military vehicles are controvercial.

251/22/D at Banja Luka

This picture is first in the timeline. The man in front probably does not want to be on the Internet. The frontwheel is too small but at least it is one.

251/22/D in Banja Luka 251/22/D at Banja Luka
Wear and tear have chewed up the front wheel. Both pictures from Bob Fleming, © Panzer Prints.

251/22/D in Banja Luka 251/22/D in Banja Luka 251/22/D in Banja Luka 251/22/D in Banja Luka 251/22/D in Banja Luka
On photobucket an album named "Muzej Kozara" (Muzej means museum) said that all or most vehicles have been moved and that there are plannes with them to make a museum. But if you thought the front looked bad, I'm curious what the suspention lookes like by now. It seems the 251 has been pushed to the front. Lets hope the owner has a lot of time and money to spend on it. It would make a unique exhibit.

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