SdKfz 251/1/D at Banska Bystrica

251/1/D at Banska Bystrica

(picture by Hans Roovers, 2017)


The city of Banska Bystrica in the Slovak Republic is one the biggest in the country. It was the heart of the uprising against the Germans in August 1944. The Slovaks fought most of the second world war under the German army. Part of the Slovak army organized the uprising which was finally crushed by the Germans after over 2 months of bitter fighting.

In order to commemorate, a museum of the "Slovak National Uprising" was build in Banska Bystrica. It includes an open air exhibition of cargo plane's, an armored train, many guns and some vehicles.

251/1/D at Banska Bystrica 251/1/D at Banska Bystrica
(1990 and 1996 pictures)


It is probably a re-germanised ex-Czechoslovakian army vehicle. If it is post or pre 1945 is uncertain. It has the normal /D production engine hatches, but has the last day production single radiator hatch. It also has front visors that resemble the OT-810's and fake frontlights. It seems more or less correctly painted in 1943 colours after the 1996 pictures. It has the fighting compartment closed by a metal sheet. Overall look from the outside is quite good, though rusty on the underside.

251/1/D at Banska Bystrica

(Cut out of a 2008 picture by Rafal Bialecki)

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