SdKfz 251/9/D at Munster

Munster 251/9/D in its Fort Knox period
Outside exposition in Fort Knox in the 70's

Munster 251/9/D balcony view
Seen from the balcony in 1997 the spares interior and the closed lockers are visible


It is the early production "Kanonenwagen" (low placed gun) on the version /D body.


It sees its active time in the 2nd PzAufKl companie of the 2nd PzAufKl Abteilung 2nd Pz Div. Number plate WH-1621754, tactical number 534. Reportedly captured August 1944 in the Falaise pocket it spends the period 1945-1960 in the Aberdeen proving grounds. As a gift to the Bundeswehr it returned to Germany in 1959/1960.
It gets a cosmetic restoration. The first 2 stowage bins are closed, new mudguards are made (not correct).
It than is included in the army study collection. Circa 1990 it comes to Munster. It has been oversprayed in yellow in the mean time.


The Museum is part of the national army collection. It houses a magnificent collection of historic (A)FV's. The 251 is positioned for free viewing. It can be viewed from all sides. The gun is in the recoil position. Reportedly since the war. Much of the interior is missing.

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