SdKfz 251/1/B in Johannesburg

251/1/B at Johannesburg


The South African National Museum of Military History houses one of the most special 251's. It was captured by South African troops in the desert. and has been in the museum as long as is known. Chassis number 796373, made in 1940 by Hanomag

251/1/B at Johannesburg 251/1/B at Johannesburg


It has been in the open til ca 1990, now but under a roof, and is in a remarkable state of preservation. Faithfull Stefan Tegner has documented the preservation of the 2005-2017 period with the best "walk around" collection of pictures ever. Part of the fenders is missing. It has shrapnel holes all over the front and the front wheels are not original. They are said to be of a 3 ton truck or armoured car. This is reportedly because of a lack of the correct tires. My guess: it ran on a mine and was repaired by German or South African engineers.

With the rust tackeld for the moment, after refitting the clasps Stefan found a nice puzzle: clasp clasp

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