Sd.Kfz. 251/1/D at Vienna

251/1/D at Vienna

Werner Push of Vienna was interviewed by Bart Vanderveen of the famous periodical Wheels and Tracks. In issue 19 page 46-47 a part of his huge collection of vehicles is pictured. These vehicles are often rented for film work. The 251 has been put together and brought in running order.

End of April 2000 a message from Vienna brings bas news. After years of arguments and incidents Mr. Push gives up his struggle with the Vienna Police: He sells his 251 to the U.K. A private collector now owns this 251. It's been beautifully restored since than. It's originality is evident from the many small pits in the armor. The original markings are restored too.

Operational history

Abandoned by 5th SS panzer in may 1945 on a roadside in Steiermark ( a province of Austria ).


Found mid '60's in a Graz scrap-yard. In '74 it is recovered from under a huge pile of ruble together with 2 250's. In and around the vehicles al kinds of equipment including a loaded MP40 were found. (The MP40 virtually disintegrated) The vehicles were apparently abandoned in a hurry, and hardly inspected. In 1986 it still is un-restored but can be driven.
251/1/D at Vienna

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