SdKfz 251/9/D at the Patton museum, Fort Knox

Fort Knox 251/9/D high 70-80's outside
Outside display over the period of 1946-1990(?). The Africa Korps palmtree is of course wrong.

251/9 interiour 251/9 High, Fort Knox, interior

Fort Knox 251/9/D high 90's during restoration
From the book Nuts and bolts Vol.06 "Kanonenwagen" a picture during restoration.


It is the late production "Kanonenwagen" with the high placed gun. It has the steel tracks


The original unit is the 20nd PzAufKl Abteilung, 20th Pz div. WH-1808565 is the original number plate, tactical marking 417. The division is destroyed in May 1945 east of Prague. The museum received the vehicle om the 9th December 1946. It is placed in the open air.
Recently it has been stripped completely for a full restoration.
Our vehicle is presently under restoration. Says Mr. Charles Lemons of the Patton Museum in January 1999. It was equipped with a single Funksprechgerat "a" or better (a small receiver-transmitter). It was mounted, along with the small motor generators necessary to convert vehicle power to its needs, on the left side of the vehicle about midway back. The aerial was mounted at the top of the vehicle side, almost directly above the radio mount and was fitted with a whip antenna.


After its long term open air display and the complete restoration it reported to be displayed in the collection soon.

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