SdKfz 251/1/D at Copenhagen

251/1/D at Copenhagen 251/1/D at Copenhagen /1 Copenhagen int

In the 90's stored in the open. Very complete and original. The rearview mirror and turning device are interesting.

My good friend Torben Nielson reports on the whereabouts of it (November 2008):
I have a little brick to add to the history of the 251 in the Tojhus museum. After the war it was used by a "force" of German POW / volunteers that where engaged in an operation that should clear the Danish coast around the city of Esbjerg of mines. It was used together with some Panzer III and a Famo. A picture exists, but the rights don't allow me to show it here.
From what I have heard, the 251 is in storage now.

So, I'm relieved, to hear it is save. The Danish authorities will probably take good care of such a special piece of Danish history. Thanks for the info Torben!

In December 2008, picture of it emerges on mandskabsvogne.htm (but gone) Showing the present day storage and the interior with a Danish post-war instruction on the dashboard. Also and old picture with a tarp turns up.
/1 Copenhagen 2008 /1 Copenhagen dash /1 Copenhagen 1980
Clearly visible is the missing drivers visor. It is already missing in a 1946 picture. It than still has its wartime license (wh-338396) and a barely visible piece of metal where the lifting hooks on the edges of the nose are normally positioned. There's only the 2 holes in the storage picture left of that. It seems the remnants of the aiming pins of the Wurfrahmen version.
The exhaust visible in the 1990 pictures is missing in the storage picture. It was probably a replacement anyway. It was too high to be an original. In the 1946 picture it still is the original.
The rearview mirror is also present in the 1946 situation. A logical adoption to it's post war work.

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