35th Tamiya /C

1/6 th scale 251 /A /1

1/6 scale 251

Toy designer Lyndon Ward used the 251 site as a source of information for his research on the sd.Kfz 251/1 ausf A.
He says: I designed this vehicle in 1:6 scale for a toy company last year(1998) that makes these vehicles for the G.I. Joe and Action Man collector community and I've enclosed a photograph of what the finished vehicle looked like. The finished vehicle is 40" long and 16" wide. The doors don't open correctly. It was found to be too fragile. For the same reason the window covers can't be opened. They were made slightly different. Otherwise, we tried to make it as close to accurate as possible. It was a fun project.
Even though we finished this project months ago; I still visit your website from time to time for good reading.

What a dream job, and what an achievement. The adoptions to the endurance of this "toy" are hardly affecting its accuracy. His website vanished There also was a newsletter with the latest product news and free tips and techniques on vehicles and diorama's. Any info appriciated!

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