35th Tamiya /C

Tamiya 1/35 scale 251/1/C/r Tamiya

Released circa 1970. The body is much to narrow and the angle of the armor-plates is wrong. Except for the traction, some details and the "dashboard" useless. The front wheel is reported to be to small. MG shield not correct.

Here are two pictures of Mike Millette 's attempt to built it correct.

I used the Tamiya kit as it's exterior lines and angles were reasonably close to the drawings in the Ryton book. I did use the front axle, wheels/tires and drive sprocket from Tamiya's ausf D kit as well as the entire interior from the D which is very close to a "drop fit" (the stowage boxes needed to be sanded a bit) . I used some wire (thicker) to make the tie downs on the hull and (thinner) for the wires that support the external stowage. I sanded off all the bolts, but did not (unfortunately) replicate the "overhang" of the upper slopped portion of the fighting compartment or do anything to simulate welds. Jerry cans were added from Tamiya's "German Jerry Can" set and the straps are made from thin tape. I have made (but not installed yet) brass buckles and I need to paint a set of helmets to add as well as a few more packs for external stowage. I also need to add some exterior dust and a couple of figures... Oh yeah, I have added the appropriate "sag" to the track by superglueing them to the wheels.

Convincing result except for the tracks standing up. Good thing you glued it down later. It took 7 years from the day this page was first published till a good model was introduced. Hopefully all modelers will keep their models. I rescued several scratch projects from modelers that where throwing them away because a better model was released. Don't! You've put a lot of hours in it! a well build model stays well build, even when the original kit was not so good.

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