Field and test versions and variations

251/88  251/88 with 88mm KwK 43


A project only, but there are photo's of the use of it. The armor is produced by Boehler/Kapfenberg. The overall construction is similar to the 88.
armament: 9 cm PJK


Project only, but there are photo's of the use of it. The armor is cut down to the bottom and extended directly up. A picture shows two units.
equipment 10,5 cm l FHb 40

251/mg151  251/MG151/20 Aircraft turreted MG151

251/Calliope  251 / Calliope rocket launcher

251 Cargo  251 Cargo (Sd.Kfz. 11/1)

firedepartment auxilary crane  German Fire dept. auxiliary crane

firedepartment auxilary crane  Laffly 6x6 truck looking like a 251

251/R35  251/R35 Renault R35 turret

251/Rus tower  T34 turret mock-up

251/wood  Wooden Krupp L2H 251


A Russian unit converts a /C in 1943 to take an A-frame on the nose. It is seen changing the engine of a T34. The body is replaced with a canvas one.

(Other) field-modifications

Modifications can be divided in groups:
Extra armor

Extra track links, and sheet-steel. Very common.
Extra gun shield on the rear MG34 seen on a version C during the invasion of Greece.

Extra stowage

The low section of the right fender is closed with a lid on several photos. Most examples on C versions.
On some /A and /B versions an extra stowage bin is seen on the fender.
Strips and rings to strap equipment and/or foliage too.

Improvements / re-enforcements

  • Strip over the front part of both fenders crossing the front armor. C and D versions seen.

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