(Field) conversions

88mm KwK 43

Aircraft turreted MG151

Calliope rocket launcher

Cargo (Sd.Kfz. 11/1)

Fire dept. auxilary crane

Laffly look-alike

Renault R35 turret

T34 turret mock-up

Wooden Krupp L2H

SdKfz 251 with a Russian turret...

251/Russian tower

It is a 251/A, that's for sure. The picture is genuine. The turret is dummy.
It looks a lot like a T34 Chtz production turret. It seems they reproduced the turret size and shape on the mockup quite accurate. It is hollow so that a soldier can crawl inside the turret and look our from a hatch.
At least the gun and the mantlet are made from wood. The barrel is too short and also has no hole.
Probably used for training purposes.
But where was it used? what year?

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