(Field) conversions

88mm KwK 43

Aircraft turreted MG151

Calliope rocket launcher

Cargo (Sd.Kfz. 11/1)

Fire dept. auxilary crane

Laffly look-alike

Renault R35 turret

T34 turret mock-up

Wooden Krupp L2H

Laffly looking like a 251

From the magnificent book "Beutekraftfahrzeuge und Panzer" (= Captured vehicles and tanks) of Walter J. Spielberger comes this peculiar vehicle. It's a French Laffly 6x6 truck that is armored with a body that in peacetime would have been good for a law-suit. It is almost a filmmakers look-alike! (Something in the name of the author? But thanks for "private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers"!) Does anybody know of other pictures (except the Spielberger book that shows another) When was it build? Spielberger only mentions that it was for the "Schnelle Brigade" (=> fast brigade). The front design places it past 1941, the introduction of the /C version.

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