Standard internal equipment (Version C, 15-8-42)

See also the drawings document for more interior info.

251 dashboard

interior left interior left

interior right interior right

1AA swivel arm(p) rear armor plate
6Karabiner(k) on the side plates
3MG34 (later MG42)(a) on the side plates
(b) op the to armor
3Barrel canister 34(h) behind the rear seats
3Barrel guard cans with equipment(i) on the side plates
1tripod(j) front, right on the side
2MP38 (later MP40)
incl. 1 magazine-carrying bag
with 6 magazines each
(l) front left and right.
6Belt drum carriers 34 with a
total of 12 belt drums
(d) on the rear wall(2)
(e) under the right bench(4)
3Sacks for spent rounds(f) on the rear wall(2)
(g) under the right bench(1)
28Rounds-holders 34 (3 spare parts and 3 lubrication holders)(c) under the bench
1Funk Sprechgerät f (radio)(t) front face side near the co-driver
Rest equipment
12dress cases(n) in the lockers
1gasmask 34 with tube(m) front left near driver
1armored shield(o) front top
1canvas cover(q) right beside co-driver
1set of cover bearers(r) top right on the right wall
1cover window(s) front on left side wall

Lubrication and refilling (Version C, 15-8-42)

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