Kummersdorf test facility

Earlier developments

Companies involved

Schöller & Beckman



anti-tank prototype

The idea to mount a gun on a halftruck originates around 1934-1935. As always in different sizes. An early version of the 3 ton and the 5 ton chassis are combined with a 37mm and a 75mm anti-tank gun. A sleek lined idea.

5 ton armored anti tank

On the Buessing-Nag 5 ton chassis a study of 3 vehicles is build with different bodies. The pictures show 2 different guns (one with muzzle brake).

3 ton armored anti tank

Rheinmetall-Borsig is ordered to put a 37mm L/70 gun on the 3-ton Hansa-Loyd-Goliath chassis. One piece is produced in 1936. It's tested in a tank unit.

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